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2013 World Congress of Play Recap

Welcome to First Annual World Congress of Play​


Richard Gottlieb and Charles Albert Proudly Present the First Ever World Congress of Play - a conference that brings all the play industries together (Traditional Toys, Board Games, Video Games, Digital Play, Theme Parks and more) in one place at one time. The historic conference will take place at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco on September 9-11, 2013


We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday, September 9th.


By bringing the diverse play industries together, we will foster new relationships, new ideas and new business so that we may all prosper in a rapidly changing play market. More importantly, we will move our institutions in a new direction that no longer sees each type of play as a separate silo but recognizes that all forms of play compete in the same marketplace for revenue and time.


We look forward to seeing you at the 2013 World Congress of Play!


Some of the Speakers Scheduled for the 2013 World Congress of Play 

Complete list and bios are available on our speakers page.


World Congress of Play 2013 is presented by:​


The 2014 World Congress of Play is brought to you by Global Toy Experts and Creativity, Inc. ​


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