Schedule & Topics for the 2014
World Congress of Play

Stay tuned as we update this page with more information including speaker topics, events and more.

Below, you'll see just a glimpse of some of the things in store for the
2014 World Congress of Play conference.


Monday Sept 8

Cocktail Reception: 6:30pm-9:30pm
Registration available prior and during reception


Tuesday Sept 9

Conference Program Time: 8:30am - 6pm

Meals Provided: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Scheduled Speakers for the day include:

Phil Sage, Mark Palatucci, Beth Rogozinski, DJ Sures, Michael Carter, Vika Gupta, Chris Byrne, Mike Gonzales, Hugo Malan, Utku Tansel, Donna Friedman Meir, Julia Rousakis, Nancy Zwiers, Denise Weston, Paul Berberian, Mary Cheever, Lindsay Gaskins, Colin Crook, David Merrill, Dan Yaccarino, Bob Moog, Richard Gottlieb, Charles Albert

Cocktail Reception & Dinner: (6:30pm Cocktail Reception, 7:30pm Dinner)

* Product Showcase to be held during breakfast, lunch and breaks on Tuesday and Wednesday


Wednesday Sept 10

Conference Program Time: 8:30am - 6pm

Meals Provided: Breakfast, Lunch

Scheduled Speakers for the day include:

Richard Gottlieb, Charles Albert, David Zlotnik, Sally McConnell, Joan Steinberg, Jordan Shapira, M.A., David Baker, Phil Ginsburg, Laura Seargeant Richardson, Michael Laris, Meryl Neiman, Gwen Gordon, Mary Couzin, Susan Magsamen, Susanna Pollack, Robert Murray, Michael Patte, DJ Sures, Darran Garnham, Russ Crupnick,  Jon Barbour, Harry Chang, Gerrick Johnson, Benjamin Kwitek, David McKillips, Robin Raskin, Chris Bensch, Chuck

Linden, Harold Moss

Cocktail Reception: 6:30pm at NextSpace

* Product Showcase to be held during breakfast, lunch and breaks on Tuesday and Wednesday



Topic & Panels
Below are some of the topics we will be discussing at the 2014 World Congress of Play.

Greg Ahearn | Leapfrog | Act Like a Child - Inspiration for Great Ideas in Play

Björn Jeffrey | Toca Boca | The Power of Pure Play

Phil Sage | Hasbro | Empowering Hasbro: Leveraging Globalization to Drive Innovation

Mark Palatucci | Anki | Why Robotics and AI will Change the Game

Chris Byrne | Time to Play Magazine | Missing Children (And Parents)

Mike Gonzales | Weta Workshop | Unfrozen Caveman Playground: Using Technology to Complement, Not Replace Our Play Experience

Hugo Malan | Sears/K-Mart | The Strategic Challengs of the Toy Industry

Utku Tansel | Euromonitor | Global Trends in Play: Consumer Fundamentals Falling into Place

Paul Berberian | Sphero | The Dawn of Connected Play - What Does That Mean, and Why it Will Change the Way We Design and Build Toys

Mary Cheever | Insight Kids | Influences of Play: A Discussion Looking at the Attributes and External Influences on Play and the Overall Impact it has on Play

Lindsay Gaskins | Marbles The Brain Store | Re-Thinking Retail: How Marbles Approached It

Colin Crook / David Merrill | Sifteo & Knock Twice | Sifteo and Interactive Play - We Nailed It (Kind Of). Lessons Learned

Dan Yaccarino | The Fundamentals of Creating a Strong  and Enduring Cross Media Property

Bob Moog | University Games | Play Everyday, Play Everywhere

Laura Seargeant Richardson | The Periodic Table of Play: A Powerful Platform for Parents, Politicians, Public Schools and Play Makers

David Zlotnik | McDonald's | A Restaurant Where it's OK to Play

Michael Laris | Playworld Systems | Here Now Together

Michael Patte | Bloomsburg University | A Think Tank for Play - Introducing The Global Institute for the Study of Play in Human Development

DJ Sures | EZ-Robot, Inc | Title: TBA

Darran Garnham | Mind Candy | The Journey of Moshi Monsters and Move into Mobile

Russ Crupnick | NPD Group | The Disney Radio Barbie Nabi Electric Kool Aid Test; The Counter Culture of Kids

David McKillips | Six Flags | How Six Flags Keeps the Playtime Going All Day Long

Robin Raskin | Digital Kids | Consumer Electronics Industry Outlook for New Generation

Harry Chang | Techno Source, Li & Fung | Transformation of a Toy Company

Chris Bensch | National Museum of Play | Inside the Toy Box: Evolution or Revolution?

Chuck Linden | Crayola | Kids are Kids, Moms are Different

Harold Moss | FlickerLab | Everyone an Animator


Panel: Richard Gottlieb | The Future of Play

John Coyne, Activision | Manuel Torres, Nickelodeon | Kenny Davis, Hasbro


Panel: Beth Rogozinski | Transmedia SF | Robots for Fun and Education

DJ Sures, EZ-Robot | Michael Carter, Twin Learning | Vikas Gupta, Play-i


Panel: Donna Friedman Meir | Actual Reality

Julia Rousakis, Architectural Playground Equipment, Inc | Nancy Zwiers, Funosophy | Denise Weston, Apptivations


Paanel: Sally McConnell | KaBOOM! | Playability: A Competitive Advantage for Cities

Joan Steinberg, Morgan Stanley | Jordan Shapiro, M.A., Forbes | David Baker, City of Kenmore Mayor | Phil Ginsburg, San Francisco Parks and Recreation


Panel: Meryl Neiman | PlayDate Planet | Promoting Play

Gwen Gordon, Now Playing | Mary Couzin, Chicago Toy & Game Group | Sally McConnell, KaBOOM!; 

Susan Magsamen, Curiosityville/Johns Hopkins University  | Susanna Pollack, Non-Stop Media | Robert Murray, American Academy of Pediatrics


Panel: John Barbour | Investing in Play

Harry Chang, Li & Fung | Gerrick Johnson, BMO Capital | Benjamin Kwitek, Gellyfish